Regular Savings

Become a part of GVFCU by opening a savings account today with as little as $5.00. With GVFCU, a member can open Savings Accounts to suit any of their needs. For example, Holiday Club Accounts, Vacations, Taxes, Insurance, Child’s accounts, etc.

Regular Savings

To open a Savings Account, a member is required a minimum of $5.00 to set up a Savings Account. To maintain a membership with GVFCU, members will need to maintain a $5.00 balance for the lifetime of their account.

Additional Savings Accounts

A member may open as many additional accounts as they need. There are No minimum balance requirement for an additional savings account.

Holiday Club Accounts

Holiday Club Accounts are available for those members who would like to save for the holiday shopping season.

  • Holiday club accounts can be opened at any time throughout the year
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made anytime through September 30th
  • Funds in a Holiday Club account are transferred to the primary savings account on October 1st of each year

Auto Transfer

Automatically transfer a set amount of money between accounts. Members can choose the amount, the transfer date and frequency of the transfer.


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