GVFCU is always looking for new ways to make banking more convenient and safe for you. In June, GVFCU members will receive an enrollment text message that will allow debit card monitoring alerts to come via text. The text will not ask for any identifying information. Please contact one of our local branches to learn more.


At GVFCU, we strive to keep costs low and transparent for our members. Please review our Service Charges and Fees below:

Service Charges and Fees (Effective 7/10/2017)


Money Market monthly fee if minimum balance not maintained $6.00
More than 6 checks written in a month from Money Market $10.00 per check
Premium Checking monthly fee if minimum balance not maintained $6.00
Fresh Start Checking monthly fee $6.00
Insufficient Funds/ Courtesy Pay (Checks, ACH, Debit) / Bill Payment Checks $35.00
Stop Payment Member Drafts/ “Official Checks” $32.00
Returned Deposited Item $15.00
Check Protest $25.00
Automatic Transfer from Over Draft Line of Credit ($1.00 maximum per day-unlimited transfers) $1.00/day
Automatic Transfer from Personal or Business Line of Credit Free
Automatic Transfer from Savings/MM or alt. Checking Account $5.00
Check Copy Lesser of $3.00/each or $28/hr
Statement Copy Lesser of $3.00/each or $28/hr
Account Closure for Negative Balance $125.00
Inactive Account Fee (after 6 months of inactivity) $3.00
Account Research (per hour) $28.00
Return Mail Fee $5.00
Money Order $2.00
Cashier's Check Payable to Account Holder Free
Cashier's Check Payable (for third party payee) $5.00
Foreign Draft Collection Item $15.00
Incoming Wire $15.00
Domestic Wire $22.00
International Wire $48.00
Wire Trace or Return $40.00
Online Bill Payment Free
Bill Payment Investigation $40.00
Bill Payment - Rush Fee Actual Charges
Bill Payment - Gift Fee Actual Charges
Counter Checks $1.00 per sheet
Legal Order Processing Fee $125.00
Extended Dormancy Processing $200.00
Verification of Deposit/Credit References $15.00
Canadian Check Guaranteed Funds Deposit Actual Charges
ATM/Debit Card  
ATM Transactions at GVFCU ATMs Free & Unlimited
ATM Transactions at Non-GVFCU ATMs  
   Premium Checking - First 8 Non-GVFCU ATM Transactions Free
   Withdrawal (After Free Allowance Limits for Premium Checking) $1.50
   Balance Inquiries & Transfers $1.00
Debit/ATM Card Re-Issue Fee $7.00
Rush Order Card or PIN Actual Charges



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