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Fee Schedule

At GVFCU, we strive to keep costs low and transparent for our members. Please review our Service Charges and Fees below:

Service Charges and Fees (Effective 7/10/2017)

Description Fee
Money Market monthly fee if minimum balance not maintained $6.00
More than 6 checks written in a month from Money Market $10.00 per check
Premium Checking monthly fee if minimum balance not maintained $6.00
Fresh Start Checking monthly fee $6.00
Insufficient Funds/ Courtesy Pay (Checks, ACH, Debit) / Bill Payment Checks $35.00
Stop Payment Member Drafts/ “Official Checks” $32.00
Returned Deposited Item $15.00
Check Protest $25.00
Automatic Transfer from Over Draft Line of Credit ($1.00 maximum per day-unlimited transfers) $1.00/day
Automatic Transfer from Personal or Business Line of Credit Free
Automatic Transfer from Savings/MM or alt. Checking Account $5.00
Check Copy Lesser of $3.00/each or $28/hr
Statement Copy Lesser of $3.00/each or $28/hr
Account Closure for Negative Balance $125.00
Inactive Account Fee (after 6 months of inactivity) $3.00
Account Research (per hour) $28.00
Return Mail Fee $5.00
Money Order $2.00
Cashier’s Check Payable to Account Holder Free
Cashier’s Check Payable (for third party payee) $5.00
Foreign Draft Collection Item $15.00
Incoming Wire $15.00
Domestic Wire $22.00
International Wire $48.00
Wire Trace or Return $40.00
Online Bill Payment Free
Bill Payment Investigation $40.00
Bill Payment – Rush Fee Actual Charges
Bill Payment – Gift Fee Actual Charges
Counter Checks $1.00 per sheet
Legal Order Processing Fee $125.00
Extended Dormancy Processing $200.00
Verification of Deposit/Credit References $15.00
Canadian Check Guaranteed Funds Deposit Actual Charges
ATM/Debit Card
ATM Transactions at GVFCU ATMs Free & Unlimited
ATM Transactions at Non-GVFCU ATMs
   Premium Checking – First 8 Non-GVFCU ATM Transactions Free
   Withdrawal (After Free Allowance Limits for Premium Checking) $1.50
   Balance Inquiries & Transfers $1.00
Debit/ATM Card Re-Issue Fee $7.00
Rush Order Card or PIN Actual Charges